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New coupon code is now live

The coupon code below will only be live for a couple days or until stock runs out.  I have decided not to do a minimum order requirement.  Several species are set to ship out next week and will be noted in the description.  I have a few other species that MAY be available Saturday night depending on what remains after the expo (orchids, truncata, ghosts, wahlbergii, urbanis).  If another order is made, I can combine the orders and refund the extra shipping charges.

30% off coupon code = triginta
Currently no minimum order.
Works on the following species:

Gongylus gongylodes (Violin Mantis)
Idolomantis diabolica (Giant Devils Flower Mantis)
Deroplatys lobata (Dead Leaf Mantis)
Hestiasula sp. (Boxer Mantis)
Pseudocreobotra ocellata (African Flower Mantis)
Hierodula Membranacea (Giant Asian Mantis)
Rhombodera valida
Sphodromantis gastrica (African Mantis)


Big nymph sale

I am preparing for an event and have way more nymphs than I thought I did of a few different species.  As such I will be adding a promo code that will give discounts off on those species for a day or 2 only, just to bring down the numbers a bit.  I am still going through everything, but just to give you a quick run down on the species so far…

Gongylus gongylodes (Violin Mantis)
Idolomantis diabolica (Giant Devils Flower Mantis)
Deroplatys lobata (Dead Leaf Mantis)
Hestiasula sp. (Boxer Mantis)
Sphodromantis sp. (African Mantis)
Hierodula Membranacea (Giant Asian Mantis)

The discount codes will work only for those days and then will be deleted.  There will be a minimum order amount that I have not yet decided.  It will not be a lot, but I want to avoid orders of less than 5 nymphs for this promo.  Just too much work doing 100 orders of 1 or 2 nymphs each.

Email me if you want to be notified as soon as the code goes live, and let me know which species you are interested in.


Change in live arrival guarantee

Since I first started shipping mantids I have only given a live arrival guarantee on next day air shipments when temperatures were within the noted acceptable range.  However, I pretty much always replace priority shipments as well.  So, as there really is no point to force people to pay extra for fear the nymphs will not arrive alive, I have changed live arrival guarantee to all shipments that fall within the accepted temperature range. Next day is still the best idea if you prefer the nymphs ASAP or temps fall outside of those ranges.  Cold packs do not last more than a day or so, and heat packs generally for a few days.  I tend to have more issues in hot weather than cold.  So if your temps will be above 90 I still recommend next day, even though most of the time they are still just fine.  I am not as concerned with cold weather.

New nymphs available

Will soon have desiccata, perpulchra, and ocellata nymphs available.  I am also expecting D. truncata and trigonodera dead leaf nymphs to hatch soon.  Several other species available now.  Wahlbergii sold out fast but I just had more hatch.  Will be available in a week or so once they have shed at least once.


Shipping suspended for 1 week

Next week I will only be shipping via Express on Thursday due to the holiday.  I may make some exceptions for those needing something out sooner and OK with the extra time in shipping, but I would not recommend it for live shipments.  Normal shipping will resume on July 9th.

Hope everyone has a happy 4th!

Upcoming species list

Expecting the following species to go live within 1 week.  All have hatched and will be ready to ship next week or the following.

I. diabolica
P. wahlbergii
R. basalis
R. valida
H. coronatus (adding a few more)
Parymenopus davisoni (Yellow Orchid Mantis) – limited amount
B. mendica

Some of those species are not listed on the site yet.  I will try to add them so you can add yourselves to the wait list sometime in the next day or so.

5 groups of D. lobata for sale, Memorial Day and Tuesday ONLY!

I am selling 5 groups of 10 D. lobata (Dead Leaf) nymphs at $80 each plus shipping.  This is for Memorial day, May 28th, and the Tuesday after.  Only 5 groups available and only for those 2 days.  Can be added to existing orders.  These will be ready to ship the following week at L2 and will be big enough to eat house flies.  Do not miss out!  Email me if interested as I will need to manually add this order for you.


Malaysian Shield Mantis and Camelomantis available


I have added some R. basalis and Camelomantis nymphs to the shop, however they will not ship out until either the 16th or 24th after they have shed at least once.  D. lobata just hatched as well.  I owe a friend a bunch from this ooth but I should have around 20 or so available.  I will post them in a week once I am satisfied that the remaining nymphs are strong.  They will be shipped the following week once they are L2.  Add yourself to the wait list to be notified when they are ready.