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L5/6 B. mendica breeding pairs available

October 17th UPDATE: Creobroter and B. mendica nymphs available.  I also have added some B. mendica L5/6 breeding pairs. You should be able to select them from the drop down box on the mendica page.  Not too many available.  I ended up with a few more than I needed.  I will remove the option once they are sold out.


October 15th UPDATE: I have added species to the front page that are either available or will be available soon (within a week or 2) so everyone knows what’s coming up and can add themselves to the wait list.  I am just waiting for ghosts, mendica, and gemmatus nymphs to shed at least once before posting.  Double shield and Giant Asian ooths are expected to hatch any day, as well as wahlbergii and orchids.

October 10th UPDATE: Two Idolomantis diabolica ooths hatched this morning.  I will add the species to the store tonight so everyone can add themselves to the wait list.  They will go on sale once they shed at least once.

October 4th UPDATE: Ghosts, mendica, and creobroter nymphs are hatching.  Will post for sale as soon as they are L2.

September 30th UPDATE: I have a few orchid ooths due to hatch any day, as well as ghosts, double shield, wahlbergii, ocellata (similar to wahlbergii), mendica, giant asian, and Idolomantis ooths.  I do not yet have Idolomantis diabolica listed on the site but I will post them once they hatch so people can add themselves to the wait list before they are put up for sale.  It is currently  one of the most, if not THE most sought after mantid in the hobby, so I expect them to go quick.  I may also limit the quantity of nymphs per order in an effort to allow more people to get some (sorry!).  Last time one person bought most of them and re-sold them for 3 times as much, so many of my customers could not afford them.  I won’t allow that this time.

August 22nd UPDATE: Shipping is back to normal, Mondays and Wednesdays.  I have B. mendica, G. gonylodes, C. gemmatus, and P. wahlbergii nymphs available.  Bluebottle fly pupae will be available on Thursday but I have lots of housefly pupae available now.

July 31st UPDATE: *****Shipping delays***** Due to extreme heat here in my neck of the woods, shipping may be delayed until next week for orders containing anything live.  Temps are expected to reach record breaking temps of around 110F here.  The weather should cool down by Monday August 7th.  Shipping will resume then.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.