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Small Mesh Bug Cage (12″ cube)

12x12x12 Bug Cage
12x12x12 Bug Cage12x12x12 Bug Cage


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5 for $45, 10 for $85

Product Description

These are great for mantids. The mesh is fine enough to hold even the smallest fruitflies and pinheads. Perfect for keeping larger mantids, hatching ooths, and breeding mantids.

  • 5 fine mesh sides to promote healthy air flow.
  • One clear vinyl full side window for easy viewing of contents.
  • Large protected zippered opening for easy access.
  • Design Meets APHIS specifications for secure enclosures 60+ threads per inch.
  • lightweight and durable, perfect choice for shows and travel
  • Washable, 10% bleach to sanitize before reuse.
  • Fine mesh will stop tiny ants, wasps and other nasty predators.